I have gotten to know the Johnson Doodles family well. They are honest, kind, and genuine. Their puppies are beautiful, and their health testing measures are top notch. I definitely recommend Johnson Doodles for anyone looking for a puppy.

- Seth

I got my Stella girl from Johnson Doodles back in 2020 and it’s been the best decision I’ve EVER made!! They were always so kind and responsive from start to finish. I may be biased, but they really care about what they do and produce the best doodles I’ve ever seen! Stella is so silly, smart and loving. I am extremely lucky to have gotten a Johnson doodle. Thank you Johnson Doodle family!

- Vivian

We got our little dood Jasper from Johnson Doodles last year, and he is a dream! By far the best pup I could have ever asked for, and more! Thank You again Laine, and the rest of the family at Johnson Doodles, for everything yall do!

- Megan

Laine is amazing! She loves her dogs and takes care of them well. We got our goldendoodle Levi 5 years ago from them & he has been the perfect addition to our family. My mom has also gotten a sheepadoodle and Goldendoodle from them and immediately fell in love! We highly recommend!

- Autumn

Johnson Goldendoodles has absolutely beautiful goldendoodle puppies! We are absolutely in love with our female Daisy Mae that we purchase from them. Their puppies are healthy and well taken care of. I highly recommend Johnson Goldendoodles to anyone looking for a doodle, plus they are wonderful family dogs.

- Shannon

Johnson Goldendoodles made this experience so enjoyable. They answered every question we had and are very knowledgeable. I would recommend this family to anyone looking for a reliable breeder. We picked up our mini goldendoodle Marlo on Friday and he has been such a joy! He is already so well behaved and loving, which speaks volumes on how well the breeder takes care of them. Thank You Johnson Doodles for everything! We are in LOVE with our sweet little Marlo!

- Natalia

We got our Laney girl from them in December 2018! She will be one year old next month and she is the sweetest, smartest, most obedient dog! She has brought so much joy to our family and we love her to pieces!

- Elizabeth

I would give TEN stars if possible! This wonderful family takes such great care of these fur babies until the day you pick yours up! We have a two year old and a five month old from Johnson Doodles and will never go anywhere else for our “future” babies!

- Stephanie

5 stars! Navy is smart, sweet, and goofy! He was so easy to potty train! He is 6 months old now, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice! Thank y’all for everything!

- Sarah

I love Karson so much! I got him about a week and a half ago, and he has the most amazing temperament. He’s 90% potty trained. He’s so sweet. Laine was amazing and answered all my questions. Definitely recommend Johnson golden doodles.

- Jenny

We are in LOVE with our sweet Bayer. Laine was an amazing help and answered all of our questions! You can definitely tell the pups are so cared for and loved by them!!! Thank you Johnson family for giving us our best friend!!

- Chianne

I was doing so much research until I found Johnson Doodles! Laine was so helpful with answering all my questions!! She made the process smooth & easy. She sent us photos every two weeks and informed us on the updates of the puppy. I definitely recommend them. Our puppy, Picasso, is so smart and healthy. We are obsessed with him!! He is too cute & intelligent!

- Jessica

We couldn’t be happier with our doodle! Indie is a sweetheart, and she’s obsessed with our 7 and 6 year olds. She is patient, gentle, and SO loving. Our experience with Johnson Goldendoodles was involved from the start and really a breeze- bringing her home was worth every penny. If you’re looking for a healthy bloodline to join the chaos of a young family- this is it! Note: Indie is a standard F1b and doesn’t shed.

- Falon

So grateful to have found Johnson Goldendoodles. Laine truly is great to work with. You can tell she takes amazing care of the puppies. I have had my mini doodle for 2 weeks- healthy, smart, loving, and SO cute. Could not recommend them more!

- Anslee

We LOVE our doodle so much!!! Such a sweet pup and smart. The breeder was very kind and answered all my questions!

- Marisa

It’s been 3 weeks since I picked up my little guy. He is so sweet and smart. He caught on to potty training right away and settled into our home quickly. Laine provided us a puppy starter pack and some tips of her own. Thank you Laine for this sweet boy. He’s perfect!

- Helen

I picked up my Sadie girl over the weekend, and she’s been such a doll! She has a wonderful temperament, and she’s so smart. I’m so happy I found Johnson Goldendoodles, and I would definitely recommend. Thanks Laine!

- Sarah

Johnson Goldendoodles made this experience so enjoyable. They answered every question we had and are very knowledgeable. I would recommend this family to anyone looking for a reliable breeder. We picked up our mini Goldendoodle Mario on Friday, and he has been such a joy. He is already so well behaved and loving, which speaks volumes on how well the breeders take care of them. Thank you so much for everything! WE are in LOVE with our sweet little Mario!

- Natalia

We picked up our mini Goldendoodle yesterday. Laine was so helpful throughout the entire process! She was always so kind and helpful. We are in love with our doodle. I was nervous about potty training and bedtime. He’s doing GREAT! No accidents, goes potty outside when I take him out, and slept through the whole night. He had two potty breaks just in case. I would definitely recommend Johnson Goldendoodles! The puppies are so well taken care of.

- Lupe

We just picked up our Goldendoodle and are so impressed and happy. This place is amazing. They provided us with everything needed and written instructions. During the time we were waiting for 8 weeks to pass for pick up Lain send us pictures and a video of our puppy. They are the best!! Thank you.

- Marisela

Not even 24 hours, and she is so smart. Potties outside and no accidents. She is so sweet. 8 weeks, 1 day old.

- Gina

We love our sweet Mayer! Thank you so uch for the wonderful service and experience. You were always available to answer my texts. You made us feel welcome and not rushed when we came to pick out our puppy. Your daughter was so sweet and helpful as well. We would recommend you to anyone interested in a Goldendoode.

- Melinda

AWESOME! This family puts their heart on what they do. I gave the deposit for my puppy, and they kept sending pictures until it was time to choose and pick up my baby. Their place is far, however is worth it!!! My puppy was already potty trained…I just had to “adjust” to also go inside on a fake grass mat. He has been with me for over a month, and crate training lasted 3 days/nights…He is super healthy and smart, a little clumsy buy that’s part of his personality.

- Fabiola

Can not recommend this family enough! It’s transparent that this entire family loves these pups. Laine went out of her way to help us pick the perfect little girl and was so patient with us. She made the entire process easy and made sure we got the right little girl for our family!” Riley has slept thru the night since night one and is so smart! We love our little Riley and are so happy to have found Johnson Goldendoodles

- Chasity

We got our amazing mini red goldendoodle and couldn’t be more in love! The process was seamless, and you can tell our puppy was taken care of greatly! She’s even potty trained already at 8 weeks. I highly recommend Johnson Goldendoodles.

- Melissa

We got a puppy back in April I’m pretty sure, and she is so playful and a beautiful dog! We are getting another one because we love this place so much. I would highly recommend!

- Christina

I highly recommend Johnson Goldendoodles!!! We got our baby, Charley, in December. Laine was so easy to work with and answered all my questions. We had many breeders we were looking at. SO happy we went with Johnson Goldendoodles! They are good people who care about their customers. We absolutely love our Charley Bear! She has been a wonderful addition to our family!

- Holly

I got Lennon in November, and I could not ask for a better pup. She was so easy to potty train and so smart!

- Stacey

We are so in love with our Jozi girl!! They were so helpful in answering all of our questions!! Thank you so much for a great experience and the cutest baby girl out there!!

- Tandi

Our Finley is 8 months old now, and we love him so much! He’s an F1 mini Goldendoodle. Approx 35 pounds. He has such a fun personality and is very intelligent. Johnson Goldendoodles was amazing to work with and gave us a puppy that was given top notch care and was so well loved. Highly recommend!

- Lauren

We got our Laney girl from them in December 2018! She is the sweetest, smartest, most obedient dog! She has brought so much joy to our family! We love her to pieces.

- Elizabeth

Our beautiful, perfect, lively and sween mini golden doodle is now 5 months old, and we got him when he was just 10 weeks old. Bodie Jake is everything we hoped for when we decided to add to our family. I highly recommend Johnson Goldendoodles; they are a loving and caring family that pours into their puppies.

- Larkie

We just got our sweet little guy…Ridge!! They are by far the best people! She answered all of our questions, which were many, and had so much helpful information!! If you are looking for a Golden doodle I highly recommend them!! Thank you all so much, we already fell in love with Mr. Ridge!!!

- Whitney

We picked our Beau up about 3 weeks ago. He is sooo smart and so cute! Very few accidents in house and so playful and sweet. Thank you Johnson Family for our boy!

- Rosellin

Got our puppy on March 3rd 2018. Very smart little guy!! Handsome. Sweet. Healthy. And has nevery cried at night!! Not even on day 1 of being home!! Wonderful breeders!! Thank you Johnson Goldendoodles!!

- Adaly

We were fortunate enough to get one of these sweet babies from Johnson Goldendoodles! Not only is Gracie the most adorable little pup, she is also the sweetest!!! She is SO good with our children (we have 4 between the ages of 3-14). They all absolutely adore her. She is so smart and was so easy to potty train. She continues to amaze us with how quickly she picks up new things we teach her. Laine and her family were wonderful to work with, and she did a great job of answering ALL of my questions and would send me photos. They truly care about the puppies and give them a lot of attention, which I feel made a huge difference. The only thing I will warn you about is they are ALL so cute you might have a really difficult time picking just one out. I wanted to to take all of them home with us! Can not say enough great things about this family, and the pups! If you are looking to add another member to your family, look no further. This is THE place!!!

- Lindsay

I got my puppy from there in December, and he is the sweetest and cutest puppy. He is so smart and one of the friendliest dogs ever.

- Rachel

Love my doodle from Johnson Doodles! Laine was so easy to work with and cared for my pup so well before I brought him home. So thankful for her and the Johnson Doodle team!!

- Claire

We love our 2 year old pup from Johnson Doods! She’s the smartest dog ever—truly! This is “Opportunity” & we call her Oppy!

- Cari

Love my doods- so healthy and happy. Thanks Laine for always helping out with every question I had. Can’t think of my live without Ginger and Pop in it.

- Gina

The Johnson’s breed great puppies all the way around. All of the pups have the best personalities and temperaments and are great family pets. Plus how much cuter could they be.

- Caytie

Oh my word! Johnson Goldendoodles is a BLESSING! When we lost our golden retriever boy (rest in peace sweet Buddy) to old age we were heartbroken. I contacted Laine because my daughter had recently got a puppy from her and that little fur ball stole my heart. Josie was calm, sweet mannered and super independent, just a little to big for my husband and I. I talked to Laine ALOT about what we wanted … small but not tiny, calm, light colored, and wavy hair. Temperament was the biggest thing for us because our boy was just so calm and sweet and we wanted the same from a puppy because we had newly born grandbabies and didn’t want a crazy rambunctious puppy. It was asking ALOT from a puppy and from a breeder. HOWEVER Laine was patient, very upfront and honest about her mommas and the puppies they typically had (based on the moms past litters), and steered me away from any combination of puppy parents that would not work for us. She basically helped me pick the PERFECT little new addition to our family. I have worked and talked with breeders in the past who would basically say anything to sell their puppies and would do anything to get you to pick one from their current litter. But not Laine …. She is honest, and does everything to make the experience easy and smooth, and personable. After I chose the litter we wanted to pick from, she would comment and tell me what the babies temperaments where as they were growing and helped us narrow it down to Riley. Riley is perfect for us! She’s exactly what we needed. If you are looking for a new baby for your family, stick with Laine at Johnson Goldendoodle…. You will be so blessed and happy with your choice! Riley is from Fluff and Altas, she is an F1b Mini.

- Chasity

We would absolutely recommend Jonhnson Goldenndoodles. Our mini Bernedoodle Vesper has such and amazing temperament that I attribute to how well she was raised while with Laine and her family. Vesper is so confident and playful and we are so excited she is part of our family.

- Nicole

My partner and I were looking for a reputable Mini Bernedoodle breeder for a few months, and we happened to stumble across an older couple walking a beautiful Tri-merled Mini Bernedoodle at our local farmer’s market one day. This is the exact dog we wanted, so we stopped the couple and asked what breeder they used. They introduced us to Johnson’s, and we immediately contacted them, as we saw they had just had a litter of puppies.
Right off the bat, Laine was easy to get in touch with via email and phone/text. She has an assistant that also helps with staying on top of inquiries, making the process of getting more info about the litter, deposit system, and more incredibly accessible. The litter of puppies had just been born and were not yet old enough to place deposits on, so we waited a few more weeks before Laine let us know they were ready, at which point we immediately placed a deposit on the puppy we were interested in. Laine stayed on top of sending us updated information and pictures of our puppy every 2 weeks and explained the pickup process in detail. She put up with our many, many questions (thank you!!) and provided plenty of information regarding the puppies’ vaccination schedule, personality notes, food he was on, and even preferred toys. When it came time to pick up the puppy, Laine was very responsive and let us know how to find the place, gave us directions, and even allowed us to come a bit earlier than she normally allows. While pickup up the puppy, Laine again took time to answer our questions, went over the paperwork with us in detail, and gave us a backpack full of said paperwork, a gallon sized bag of the puppy’s food, and a fuzzy blanket that had been rubbed on his litter mates. It has only been a few days, but already, we are in love with the puppy and he is adjusting so nicely! We recommend Johnson Doodles to anyone looking for a puppy. The Johnson family is clearly so affectionate with all the puppies, working hard to socialize them to adults, children, and other animals. They are respectful, and the place itself is clean and comfortable. They are so responsive throughout the process and their pricing is more than reasonable. 100/10!!!

- Clau

Just received my female micro Goldendoodle yesterday. The process was so easy, and they were a delight to work with!!

- Heather

Finley is 7 months old now and the BEST dog we could have hoped for. He’s friendly, plays well with all 5 of our small children (although sometimes he forgets how big he is) and is the family dog we hoped for. His parents are Bella and Brooks. He’s super smart, loves to fetch, and will plop down on you for love. Laine listened to what we had going on at our house and that it was sometimes chaotic with little kids and she picked the litter that she felt would be the most laid back for us. We couldnt be happier with our fur baby.

- Ashley

Johnson Doodles were amazing and so great with communication before and after we got our puppy. They truly care about animals and want the best homes for all of them which was so comforting when picking up our new baby. This was by far the best experience I have had with a breeder. My mom and I both purchased a puppy from them and they are both so good with children and learn very fast…sweetest little angels! If you’re looking for a fur baby, any shape or size, Johnson Doodles would be my first choice all over again! P.S. they give out the cutest stocked backpacks!

- Tiffany

Laine was wonderful to work with through the whole process of getting our Goldendoodle puppy. He is healthy, happy, and such a loved furry family member. Her care in breeding shines through the health and temperament of these beautiful dogs!

- Lori

My experience with Johnson Goldendoodles was amazing! They always responded to my messages fast and gave me any information I needed to know about the pups. I’ve had my puppy for 8 months and she’s very healthy and beautiful. I definitely recommend going with them.

- Suzanna

I almost had a heart attack when I couldn’t find the Johnson Doodles FB page that they’ve been using for as long as I could remember, but so glad to have found their new FB page. I got my Stella girl from Johnson Doodles back in 2020 and it’s been the best decision I’ve EVER made!! Laine was always so kind and responsive from start to finish. I may be biased, but they really care about what they do and produce the best doodles I’ve ever seen! Lol Stella is so silly, smart and loving. I am extremely lucky to have gotten a Johnson doodle. Thank you Laine and Johnson Doodle family tip from a previous buyer- GET 2 not 1 or bring home the whole litter if they let you…Stella is the best entertainment.

- Vivian